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New Mortgage Rules

As many of you are aware, the government initiated stronger mortgage qualification rules earlier this month.

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The Buyer's Agent

This may seem pretty obvious- but generally buyers have their own agent and sellers have their own agent...

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As you all know the Valley is booming when it comes to Real Estate.  We love where we live and it seems a lot of other people have discovered this delightful and special part of Vancouver Island.

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Happy Trails

Whether you are taking the dog for a walk, looking for a day hike, out on your mountain bike or looking for a place to take ride your horse, the Valley has it. 

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Zoning - A Complicated Maze of Information

How difficult can it be to figure out of if the intended use and development of the property is permitted under the zoning bylaws?  Let me tell you, it is not quite as simple as one might think. 

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I always say that how we live in our home and how we present our home for sale are two very different things.  We can live any way we want but when we sell, to minimize time on the market and to obtain maximum dollars, changes have to be made...

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The Ongoing Update

It seems every time I do a renovation it causes me to look around and see that places I feel I just updated are looking ready yet again.   Where does the time go?

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New Down Payment Rules


As many of you may be aware the minimum down payment rules for insured mortgages (generally less than 20% down) are changing as of February 15, 2016.

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