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Shouldn’t I wait until the Spring to Sell?

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This is a question we often hear at this time of year. My answer to that question is “don’t wait”.  

You may be interested in putting your home on the market but are hesitating because your home looks better in the spring. There are several reasons for putting your home on the market in the fall and/or winter months.

One of the main reasons is competition.  Historically most sellers do wait to put their home on the market when gardens are blooming, yards are cleaned up and there is a better chance of a bright sunny day to showcase your property.  The fact is, this means increased competition and more chance other homes like yours are available for buyers to view and compare to yours.  This can affect the sale price.

Another reason is the quality of buyers available.  In the busiest time of the year there are many buyers, however, we see more vacationers dreaming of retirement here, people looking at many different areas before deciding, buyers early in their search, etc.  Generally buyers that are out looking in the wetter months of the year are not out there for the fun of it.  They have to buy a house.  It may be due to a transfer, or their home has sold or a change in house layout is required but the urgency is generally greater.  This leads back to competition as with less to choose from a motivated buyer still needs to make a purchase. There is not the option of waiting until spring.

Marketing your home in the fall/winter season will require some attention to details:

-          Rake up all leaves and clean garden beds

-          Make sure sidewalks are clean of leaves and debris

-          Have good exterior lighting at entrances

-          Install bright light bulbs in all areas of the house

-          Have a cozy fire lit if this is an option


Don’t let the movement of the masses get in the way of achieving premium price for your home.  With the extremely low inventory of today’s active market all the above is even truer than ever.