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As you all know the Valley is booming when it comes to Real Estate.  We love where we live and it seems a lot of other people have discovered this delightful and special part of Vancouver Island.

People ask us where the buyers are coming from?  It is our experience this year that we still have our local activity, but added to that are many buyers from the Lower Mainland and Victoria.  Sprinkle in a few people retiring from Ontario and Alberta still and you have more buyers than there are homes for sale.

Prices continue to press upward (about 10% in the past year) as supply is very low.  Very good for sellers and a bit more of a challenge for buyers.  Sellers are finally in a market where they can push the envelope a bit on price.  Buyers need to be educated, prepared and ready to move efficiently and effectively if the right house comes along.

If you are ready to sell Elizabeth and Cheryl have the knowledge to help you prepare your home for maximum exposure and price.  We know the details that matter.  We have a marketing plan that will insure that you get the maximum dollar for your home.

If you are ready to buy Elizabeth and Cheryl have been through challenging markets before.  Real estate is a cycle and we have been through many of them.  We can counsel you on what to do in order to be prepared to put your best offer forward, without putting you at unreasonable risk.

These are interesting times in the world of Real Estate.  We are here to help you through them. 

For those of you that love statistics here they are until July 31, 2016.